Turracher Höhe in the summer

 As part of the Nockberge mountain range Turracher Höhe is located between Carinthia in the South and Styria in the North, two of Austrias 9 provinces.  Therefore two interesting regions meet, the mountain range of the Nockberge in Carinthia and the valley of the Mur river in Styria. Within 60 km there are lots of lakes for swimming and other points of interest, worthwhile to vist.

Turracher Höhe Sommer     Turracher Höhe Sommer


The perfect time to visit Turracher Höhe is between May and October. The combination of mountains and lakes is unique. Turrach-lake, Black-lake and Green-lake are the most idyllic lakes in this area. Typicall for this high plateau is the variety of outdoor-activities.

Enjoy life at Turracher Höhe

  • Various hiking trails
  • New: Running-Checkpoint with 3 atractive running-trails
  • Mountainbiking
  • Nockiflitzer – the alpin rollercoaster
  • Two lifts even in summer: Kornockbahn and Panoramabahn
  • Nockalmstreet leading through the Nationalpark Nockberge
  • Montanmuseum “Wood & Iron” in Turrach
  • Heidialm on Falkert
  • Reptile-zoo in Patergassen
  • Rafting on the Mur river
  • Museum “alpin+art+gallery“
  • Mountain-chapel

Turracher Höhe Sommer     Turracher Höhe Sommer

Turracher Höhe Sommer     Turracher Höhe Sommer

Zero pollen concentration

The quality of the mountain air at Turracher Höhe is outstandigly good, crystal-clear with absolutely non pollen transfer which is very welcomed by allergy sufferers.

Turracher Höhe Sommer     Turracher Höhe Sommer

Austrias largest Cembra pine woods

In the area of Turracher Höhe we do find Austrias largest Cembra pine woods.  This seldom member of the conifers assimilated to the alpine tree line which can be found up to 2.000 m above sealevel.  Cembra pines are very robust and extremely cold-resistant. They grow very slow and can reach an age of 1.000 years.

Turracher Höhe Sommer    Turracher Höhe Sommer